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More reflections on Toon (Lib)TeachMeet – May the Fourth be with you! Advertisements

Last week, I visited Newcastle University for the afternoon to attend the inaugural Toon (lib)TeachMeet. A TeachMeet, for those who haven't come across them, is a kind of ‘unconference’, where teachers meet to discuss ideas and share experiences. A library TeachMeet is a meeting of people who teach within the context of library and information services. The first […]

We thought you might be interested in seeing the feedback from the Newcastle TeachMeet, especially  if you are planning a similar event.  Cake seems to be an important requirement(!), but there’s also a few requests for longer talks. List one  thing you liked Speaking to librarians from other institutions, especially from other sectors like school […]

The Toon (lib)TeachMeet is nearly here – the outline timetable is below: 1.00-1.10  Coffee/tea & arrival 1.10- 1.20  Welcome & introduction 1.20-1.50  Networking activity 1.50-2.25  Seven minute presentation & 3 two minute presentations 2.25-2.40  Coffee/tea & cake 2.40-3.10  Seven minute presentation & 2 two minute presentations 3.10-3.40  Ideas Clinic 3.40- 4.00  Summary & feedback There […]