Feedback from Toon (lib)TeachMeet


We thought you might be interested in seeing the feedback from the Newcastle TeachMeet, especially  if you are planning a similar event. 

Cake seems to be an important requirement(!), but there’s also a few requests for longer talks.

List one  thing you liked

  • Speaking to librarians from other institutions, especially from other sectors like school libraries
  • The informality!
  • Meeting people from different sectors & disciplines and interesting discussions
  • The opportunity to network and learn about what’s going on
  • Meeting other people. Ideas on VLEs and e-books
  • Mix of roles and professions. Chance to network with other librarians
  • CAKE 🙂 Seriously though – simplicity of approach
  • Informality of the event – liked human bingo!
  • Low key, friendly ambience – felt like a genuine exchange of ideas rather than ‘experts’ preaching!
  • Meeting other librarians interested in teaching & listening to their ideas
  • Meeting other librarians who have same issues to overcome as me and share good practice
  • Practical, simple, applicable ideas briefly presented
  • Short presentations, friendly atmosphere, opportunity to talk to peers
  • The informal atmosphere conducive to open discussion
  • Variety of topics & relaxed, informal atmosphere
  • Cross-section of librarians/teachers

List one thing you’d change

  • 2 min talks could do with being 3 mins!
  • More time?
  • Introductions of who was there – names, jobs etc – very quick intro
  • Nothing -it’s brilliant
  • Perhaps themes? for presentations – only loose themes
  • Session v quick – especially 2 minute, lots to take in
  • If it grew, maybe there would be mileage in having TeachMeets focused on specific themes or sectors, but for now, the serendipity seems to work pretty well
  • A ’round table’ for everyone to say very briefly who you are, what you do and one thing of interest
  • Make the presentations a little bit longer – maybe 5 + 10 mins
  • Initial tea time arrival – need to break ice for new arrivals
  • Wifi access please!
  • Longer presentation times- maybe 5 or 10 minute slots

Any other comments

  • Great first experience of a teachmeet. Thank you very much!!
  • Fun day great to meet people
  • Lovely cake!
  • Thanks very much for organising this
  • Looking forward to revisiting videos on Youtube. Thanks for organising
  • Thanks for a good event
  • Preferred days/times – wed pm good, evening poss ok 17.00-19.00
  • I could make an evening TeachMeet if this was a future possibility…And I might think about speaking at a future event!
  • Enjoyed the mix of sectors – useful for sharing ideas. Thanks!

2 Responses to “Feedback from Toon (lib)TeachMeet”

  1. 1 Girl in the Moon

    Sounds like went really well – well done to you all! Thanks for sharing the feedback, too. I’m sure it will be useful for people organising other TeachMeets and other sorts of events, too.

  2. 2 Isla

    Congratulations on your Toon TeachMeet! Sounds like it was a great afternoon.

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